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Corporate purposes
Improve quality of life, promote the cultural development of the global industry
Haicheng Central Chemical to have today's development since its inception, is entirely dependent on the manufacture and sale of plastic food packaging containers. In the rapid development of economic globalization today, plastic food containers must be tailored according to the needs of society, must be linked with the needs of customers, production and sales of the different areas of the lives of the products.

Culture Core
Full innovation
Haicheng Central Chemical cultural concept of innovation as a precursor to the organization for the protection of innovation, technology and innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal, along with companies from small to big, from big to strong, culture itself is also constantly innovate and develop.

corporate philosophy
1.the business attitude
    Our slogan at full innovation, give full play to the imagination, positive action, strive to build a world can promote the quality of life and cultural development of the company.
    We want excellent product quality and service, playing a customer satisfaction and trustworthy enterprise.
3. employees
    We have no fear of failure, the face of all difficulties bravely forward, in order to reflect their own values, but also to social progress.
4.harmonious society
    We strive to protect the Earth's environment and limited resources of the earth, respect for cultural differences at home and abroad, inspirational build a harmonious society.


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